Project Description

+ + + Rockers & Fenders The process for our rocker jobs involves removing the rear bumper so we can coat the rear panels. Weather stripping, seals & plugs are removed from the inside doors. Wire trim is run along the body line, or line of your choosing, and goes across the doors and around each fender. The whole vehicle is masked up and the inside doors are masked off so we can coat the inside of the doors and door sills. The vehicle is then prepped for the LINE-X; the surface is sanded, grinded or sandblasted depending on the condition of the vehicle and the rusting, then we prime the vehicle. The LINE-X coating is then applied in either black or colour. Once the product has had time to cure, the vehicle is unmasked and put back together. We guarantee our LINE-X for life for any chipping or peeling. LINE-X Coated Grille, Hood, Bumpers & Steps To tie this truck together, LINE-X was applied to the bumpers, grille, nose piece of the hood and step bars for a complete lower portion protection to all sides. From the back forty to back country, across town to cross country... LINE-X has you covered! LINE-X is your trusted stop for vehicle accessories and protective coatings. LINE-X protects and enhances your vehicle from bed to bumper and beyond. LINE-X Coated Bug Deflector A bug deflector, or hood shield, provides a tough defense for your hood against road debris and bugs. Custom fitted to your vehicle that best fits the contours of the hood perfectly to provide the best leading-edge hood protection today. For this previously peeling chrome deflector, we sandblasted and applied our LINE-X Protective Coating to renew and enhance the longevity. Sandblasted chrome & LINE-X coated + Supply, LINE-X & Installed Flares (OE) Custom fitted to the specific vehicle application, fender flares provide additional tire coverage and added protection for your fenders against rocks and debris. Available in a sleek OE factory style for a more subtle look that complements your vehicle’s style. Or for a rugged off-road look, pocket style flares feature surface-mounted bolts and provide premium tire protection for oversized tires. For extra protection and durability, add LINE-X Protective Coating to make them last a lifetime. Lund International (SX203S)


RAM 3500

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